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Matt Wilcox

Creative Writing

Process Mar 28th 2015

About 'The Pebble'

A brief deconstruction of the practice piece I wrote called 'The Pebble'.

What was the point?

Really it was just a bit of general practice; I've not done any creative writing in a long while and I wanted to try it out again. Lacking any topic I figured I'd try and see if I can write a small scene, roughly 10,000 words, that could hold attention.

Did it work?

I'm not sure. In the end it's 11,500 words, and there are definitely parts of it that I'm happy with. But it's taken weeks of on-and-off writing to do, and some of it still feels a bit stilted in terms of writing style.

The main thing I think I've learned here is that I need a stronger concept in order to write well. There was quite a while where I'd got the first part down and then thought 'what the hell can I write about a rock?'. In the end I opted to try and make the rock a focus without much detail, trying instead to make the scene about Frank and Jane as characters - who happened to be talking about a rock.

I'm not very happy with it overall, but it's progress of a sort and I think at this stage I should be trying to improve anything I can.