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The ineffectiveness of lonely icons

02nd February 2019

If your target audience is a general population, you should not be using icons alone to convey anything meaningful. By doing so, you have made assumptions that are unlikely to be appropriate to a general audience.

A political note...

29th January 2019

Summarising what I've been saying for years, and to record as another "told you so" for later reference.

2018 in review

24th December 2018

Things might be starting to look up...

Explaining Brexit to my grown nephew and neice

20th March 2017

How it'll go down, when they're older...

2016 in review

25th December 2016

And I thought 2015 was bad

Should vs Want

06th September 2016

A blog post from some months ago, which I never published. Here it is, finally published.

Dissertation Research

06th September 2016

We had a work placement a few weeks ago that asked some questions for their dissertation research. I answered. I miss thinking this sort of stuff :/ I'd happily go back to full time education, if I didn't have to worry about that whole "paying bills and life" thing.

Britain First

16th June 2016

The bits of Britain we should be proud of are the bits where we showed great compassion and commitment.

Two of my favourite companies keep making mistakes

09th February 2016

Apple and Twitter are by many measures very successful. But in my opinion both companies are floundering at the moment; Twitter very obviously, and Apple is struggling to find places for future growth.


02nd January 2016

A quick look at what I hope to achieve in 2016

On a personal note...

22nd November 2015

Those 'end of year' review posts people sometimes make? Think of this as an early one of those.

UK Government, encryption, and you

03rd November 2015

The government is intending to eradicate privacy from all its citizens. Many members of the government are likely too ignorant of the actual ramifications of this 'technical stuff' to realise the magnitude of the problem.

Improving Twitter for users

04th April 2015

The number one thing they could do to reduce Twitter fatigue: Allow people to show only friends, or friends-of-friends, in your timeline.

The infuriating ineptitude of politics in the UK

04th April 2015

Today’s politics is awash with policies which chase the ignorant vote. Because that’s the easiest vote to get, and education is hard and expensive.

What is Apple's software problem?

10th March 2015

Earlier today I posted a quick musing on why I think software is Apple's weakest area. The post was unexpectedly popular, and it was just idle thoughts. Here I clarify those as a more thoghtful article...

Apple has a software problem

10th March 2015

I'm coming to realise Apple don't do software well. OSX's strengths are from UNIX; most iOS apps are unused; iTunes is atrocious.

Reading my posts

07th February 2015

Some of the posts on this website will begin to have an audio version available in addition to the text. In this post I explain my thought process for doing so.

Podcasts I enjoy

31st December 2014

Here's what I'm listening to these days. There's a vague focus on diversity issues which is deliberate.

Establishing Value by Communicating Cost

06th December 2014

How do you price things so they'll sell when people have no clue about what things cost?

When Twitter goes full MySpace

14th November 2014

I imagine Twitter's demise will be in a spectacularly abrupt implosion sometime within the next three years.