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Matt Wilcox

Creative Writing

I love reading and writing; this is a section for me to practice and develop my creative writing skills.

Most of the writing I do is either technical in nature or documentation of some sort, and though I've had general concepts for fictional stories in my head (and the occasional .txt file) I've never really gone any further than that.

It's odd because I enjoy writing, and one of my favourite things to do is read Fantasy / Sci-Fi books. So the natural thing I ought to be doing is trying some of that myself. I do need to practice though, as creative writing is a far cry from my usual type of writing. So I've created this section to do just that. It's not likely to be of much interest to many people, it's more for myself - but if you do read anything, and you do have helpful constructive feedback, I'd love to hear from you.

What I write

I write under the following categories:


My practice pieces as I work to get better at writing.


Here are articles about the writing process; writing about writing.

External Resources

Things I've seen elsewhere that I'd like to refer to in the future; essentially these are 'bookmarks' for myself, which I thought might be good to share.


N.b., Timeline excludes Resource posts:

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

19th February 2019, Practice

A session of us playing Dungeons and Dragons, mid way through the third chapter of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.


01st May 2015, Practice

Writing Prompt: Due to overpopulation, your parents' generation has been living abroad a self sustained space station for the past few decades. Born and raised on the station, write about your first ever trip to earth. (via Reddit)

About 'The Pebble'

28th March 2015, Process

A brief deconstruction of the practice piece I wrote called 'The Pebble'.

The Pebble

28th March 2015, Practice

A practice scene - can I make a subject as boring as a pebble interesting for ten thousand words?

The Skyscraper

18th August 2013, Practice

A short practice piece aiming to establish character and setting quickly.

Why Creative Writing

07th August 2013, Process

What's the point of this section of the website?