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Matt Wilcox

Creative Writing

Practice Feb 19th 2019

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

A session of us playing Dungeons and Dragons, mid way through the third chapter of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

Once a week I run a game of Dungeons and Dragons, set in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign. A couple of us from work and a few others gather around our flakey Discord server, don microphones, and side step into a different world for two or three hours. We've been playing for a few months, and we're just now getting to the main story hook!

The as-yet-unnamed party consist of a suspicious Drow, an over-proud Elf, a broke Dwarf, a human bard with an apparent wealthy background, a monk with still-hidden-from-the-group severe mental problems, and occasionally joined by a Lizardfolk druid; all living in a run-down ex-tavern eternally on the brink of both renovation and destruction, amid the madness of the city of Waterdeep.

This isn't strictly speaking "Creative Writing", but it is "creative adjacent", so I'm putting it here.

The audio is a result of me playing with Ferrite on iOS to see what's involved in editing a game or podcast. I have a new found respect for anyone doing that work - it's fun as hell, but so time consuming.

We played for close to two and a half hours, and I've discovered I say an awful lot of "errrr" and "sort of, like" filler. Still, this is a good example of the sort of game we play on a weekly basis, with me as game master.

Put here more for idle amusement than anything else. None of us are pro players (or GMs) by any stretch.

Note: There's a somewhat problematic voice acting element for reasons both in and out of game. We all cringe and await its solution (both in game and out).