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Matt Wilcox

Creative Writing

Process Aug 07th 2013

Why Creative Writing

What's the point of this section of the website?

I enjoy reading, it's probably my favourite pass-time when I finally let myself have a break from learning things. I also like writing, which really is just refined thinking, but beyond technical write-ups I don't do much of it.

I'd like to practice, so I've made this "creative writing" category for the sole purpose of giving me a place to exercise my non-technical-writing skills. I've also split it into two areas; Practice is where the stories I'll write will live, and Process is where I can write about writing (so meta!).

I can see myself mainly doing very short stories or even just descriptive scenes for now. One day I'd like to write a book or two; I've had concepts and settings rolling around my head (and living in .txt files, and later in Scrivener) for years but never the discipline and time to act on them.

This category is all about making steps in the direction of that goal.

If you happen to enjoy reading any posts in it, I'd love to know. If not, assuming you've got quality feedback, I'd like to know that too – my spelling and grammar have never been great, I haven't taken an English class since I was 16 (literally half a lifetime ago), and I don't doubt my creative writing skills are pretty terrible at the moment.