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External Resources

Things I've seen elsewhere that I'd like to refer to in the future; essentially these are 'bookmarks' for myself, which I thought might be good to share.


The Juggler: Doing in seconds what took five hours in 1986

28th April 2015

It took 5hrs to raytrace a simple scene in 1986. Today we can do it in seconds, in a web browser, in JavaScript, on a phone.

How Photography Was Optimized for White Skin Color

28th April 2015

Something I'm sure many people are not aware of; there's an inherent racial bias in the technical history of photography.

Dutch students can live in nursing homes rent-free

07th April 2015

Genius idea: Dutch students can live in nursing homes rent-free, as long as they keep the residents company.

Raytracing a Black Hole

07th April 2015

What does a black hole *really* look like? Here's a simulation, and a walkthrough on how it was done.

What portable Flash kit should I buy?

20th February 2015

Solid advice from a pro; should you be a photographer looking for lighting kit with more punch than a speedlite can deliver, you'll want to watch this.

Eyesight Simulator

08th February 2015

Ever wanted to show your perfect-sighted friends how you really see the world? Enter your prescription here and then they'll know! Incidentally: here's how I see things; only I'm also colour blind!

Rainy Cafe

05th February 2015

Need to relax or focus? Music not good for that? Here's the ambient sound of a Cafe in the rain. I love this.