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Getting Things Done

09th November 2014

My mental to-do list has grown out of control, so I've changed a few things to help get stuff done.

Getting back into video games thanks to Isometric.

29th October 2014

Thanks to a brilliant podcast, I've picked up my first game console in years.

Ice Bucket Challenge, Kiva

29th August 2014

Why I won't be doing another charity drive like this, and what I'm doing instead.

Effective communication and generalisations

28th August 2014

Good communication is all about increasing empathy and removing ego.

National vs social media

22nd August 2014

Social media is rapidly gaining ground as the best place for timely unbiased news. It's not all roses though.

Guys in Tech

20th August 2014

Work is a place for professionalism. Here's a reminder of what that entails.


14th August 2014

Have you heard what's happening in the USA town of Furguson? If you have, you're likely on Twitter.

The power of responsibility

15th December 2013

Owning your role in life is a good thing, whether for the good stuff or the bad.