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Matt Wilcox

Web Development


Tutorials are intended as step-by-step instructions to achieve a specific task; they're focussed on that and not so much about any broader related topics.


Responsive and Accessible 'Read more...' links

30th June 2015, Tutorials

My trick for creating 'read more' links that work well for everyone.

Speed up website response times with nginx

06th March 2015, Tutorials

The why, when, and how of using nginx to cache a CMS's output.

Unexpected DDOS: Blocking China with ipset and iptables

24th January 2015, Tutorials

When the Great Firewall of China starts hosing your server with unexpected and unrelated traffic, how do you deal with it?

Keeping srcset and sizes under control

31st October 2014, Tutorials

My strategy to ensure HTML's new responsive image attributes don't grow out of control when you use them.

Setting up a secure website with HTTPS and SPDY support under nginx on a Raspberry Pi

24th May 2014, Tutorials

Why and how you'd get the very latest nginx installed on Raspbian (or Debian), and how to serve your site securely over HTTPS/SPDY

Setting up a (reasonably) secure home web-server with Raspberry Pi

23rd August 2013, Tutorials

A step by step guide for creating an Nginx / PHP / MySQL web-server on a Raspberry Pi - or any Debian based Linux distribution.