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Matt Wilcox

Web Development


Articles are long-form discourse about whatever topic they address. They've usually had considerable thought put into them, and are sometimes an expansion on a topic raised earlier as a 'notes' post.


The New Web Development

22nd January 2019, Articles

A paradigm shift in Web Development is underway, as exciting as it is intimidating. For traditional web developers who played it safe over the last few years, the time to re-assess the landscape has long since arrived...

The cost of developing and adopting new CSS features

20th November 2017, Articles

There's a non-zero cost to implementing new CSS features, and you need to decide when you can pay it.

Trying Zurb Foundation; what I found.

18th February 2015, Articles

I've never built a website based on a third-party framework, but I recently had cause to try one, spending a week with Foundation. Here's what I found...

2015 rebuild: A technical overview

04th February 2015, Articles

How I used nginx and Craft to rebuild this website.

Organising SCSS; Code Folding vs Imports

29th July 2014, Articles

Organising SCSS for better readability and faster coding.

Craft CMS; A first impression

19th July 2014, Articles

I've been playing with Craft for a short time, like they promised on their website – I love it. Maybe you should try it.