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Getting back into video games thanks to Isometric.

29th October 2014, Musing

Thanks to a brilliant podcast, I've picked up my first game console in years.

The insecurity of security questions

23rd September 2014, Web Development

Most security questions are at best obstructive, at worst terribly insecure.

Ice Bucket Challenge, Kiva

29th August 2014, Musing

Why I won't be doing another charity drive like this, and what I'm doing instead.

Effective communication and generalisations

28th August 2014, Musing

Good communication is all about increasing empathy and removing ego.

National vs social media

22nd August 2014, Musing

Social media is rapidly gaining ground as the best place for timely unbiased news. It's not all roses though.

Guys in Tech

20th August 2014, Musing

Work is a place for professionalism. Here's a reminder of what that entails.


14th August 2014, Musing

Have you heard what's happening in the USA town of Furguson? If you have, you're likely on Twitter.

Organising SCSS; Code Folding vs Imports

29th July 2014, Web Development

Organising SCSS for better readability and faster coding.

Craft CMS; A first impression

19th July 2014, Web Development

I've been playing with Craft for a short time, like they promised on their website – I love it. Maybe you should try it.

On Plugins

11th July 2014, Web Development

Why I don't trust applications that laregly subsist on their plugins.

The future of mark-up?

02nd June 2014, Web Development

With new features like Web Components and Element Queries, what will the mark-up of the future look like?

Setting up a secure website with HTTPS and SPDY support under nginx on a Raspberry Pi

24th May 2014, Web Development

Why and how you'd get the very latest nginx installed on Raspbian (or Debian), and how to serve your site securely over HTTPS/SPDY

Vagrant, Puppet, Docker?

01st January 2014, Web Development

What are these and why should I care?

The power of responsibility

15th December 2013, Musing

Owning your role in life is a good thing, whether for the good stuff or the bad.

Optimising HTML and CSS

22nd October 2013, Web Development

What do we mean when we talk about optimising HTML and CSS?

Setting up a (reasonably) secure home web-server with Raspberry Pi

23rd August 2013, Web Development

A step by step guide for creating an Nginx / PHP / MySQL web-server on a Raspberry Pi - or any Debian based Linux distribution.

The Skyscraper

18th August 2013, Creative Writing

A short practice piece aiming to establish character and setting quickly.

Why Creative Writing

07th August 2013, Creative Writing

What's the point of this section of the website?

A Fresh Start

10th March 2013, Web Development

Retiring my old website (circa 2002-2012) late last year has given me time to think about the changing uses for my personal corner of the world wide web.