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The infuriating ineptitude of politics in the UK

04th April 2015, Musing

Today’s politics is awash with policies which chase the ignorant vote. Because that’s the easiest vote to get, and education is hard and expensive.

About 'The Pebble'

28th March 2015, Creative Writing

A brief deconstruction of the practice piece I wrote called 'The Pebble'.

The Pebble

28th March 2015, Creative Writing

A practice scene - can I make a subject as boring as a pebble interesting for ten thousand words?

What is Apple's software problem?

10th March 2015, Musing

Earlier today I posted a quick musing on why I think software is Apple's weakest area. The post was unexpectedly popular, and it was just idle thoughts. Here I clarify those as a more thoghtful article...

Apple has a software problem

10th March 2015, Musing

I'm coming to realise Apple don't do software well. OSX's strengths are from UNIX; most iOS apps are unused; iTunes is atrocious.

Speed up website response times with nginx

06th March 2015, Web Development

The why, when, and how of using nginx to cache a CMS's output.

HTTP2 for front-end web developers

03rd March 2015, Web Development

HTTP2 will mean a change in how we should build websites. The best practices of HTTP1 are harmful in a HTTP2 world.

Trying Zurb Foundation; what I found.

18th February 2015, Web Development

I've never built a website based on a third-party framework, but I recently had cause to try one, spending a week with Foundation. Here's what I found...

Fixing file-upload hangs with nginx and Craft

07th February 2015, Web Development

A quick tip on how to fix things if your asset uploads in Craft seem to just hang.

Reading my posts

07th February 2015, Musing

Some of the posts on this website will begin to have an audio version available in addition to the text. In this post I explain my thought process for doing so.

2015 rebuild: A technical overview

04th February 2015, Web Development

How I used nginx and Craft to rebuild this website.

The 2015 edition of

28th January 2015, Web Development

It's taken almost three years to finally get around to, but at long last this website is sporting a design and running on a CMS I actually like.

Unexpected DDOS: Blocking China with ipset and iptables

24th January 2015, Web Development

When the Great Firewall of China starts hosing your server with unexpected and unrelated traffic, how do you deal with it?

Podcasts I enjoy

31st December 2014, Musing

Here's what I'm listening to these days. There's a vague focus on diversity issues which is deliberate.

Establishing Value by Communicating Cost

06th December 2014, Musing

How do you price things so they'll sell when people have no clue about what things cost?

Portable Development Environments

01st December 2014, Web Development

Why is it still so hard to set up a portable development environment?

Upcoming features for Web Developers

23rd November 2014, Web Development

We have some new technologies coming up which are going to have a big impact on what we do and how we do it.

When Twitter goes full MySpace

14th November 2014, Musing

I imagine Twitter's demise will be in a spectacularly abrupt implosion sometime within the next three years.

Getting Things Done

09th November 2014, Musing

My mental to-do list has grown out of control, so I've changed a few things to help get stuff done.

Keeping srcset and sizes under control

31st October 2014, Web Development

My strategy to ensure HTML's new responsive image attributes don't grow out of control when you use them.